I’ve had a few couples ask me whether or not they needed a second photographer for their wedding. There are a lot of factors that go into deciding on that (and need is a strong word), but I thought it would help if I could show what the benefits are. I got to shoot Brian and Jody’s wedding along with Alisa, from Alisa Garin Photography.

First off, I’m still bound by the basic laws of physics, and can’t be in two places at once. Having a second photographer means that while I’m off with Jody shooting these…

Alisa was off with Brian shooting these.

If having getting ready photos of both parties is important to you, and the timeline won’t allow for me to go from one location to the other myself, then a second photographer may be for you.

Even when we’re in the same room, a second photographer will give you a different angle of the same action. Brian and Jody wanted to see each other before the ceremony, but still wanted it to be a surprise. So we set up a first look. I got this angle:

While Alisa got this one:

While I was shooting this portrait:

Alisa got this one:

While I was occupied with shooting some family formals, Alisa grabbed this shot:

There’s one in every bunch.

This can be an important thing if you’re having a big wedding in a big venue (I’m used to discreetly power walking around a venue, but having more space to cover means it’s harder to cover everything), or if your venue is strict about where I can stand, and how much I can move around.

You’ll also get a different style, and point of view from having a second photographer. We don’t all see the same way, and if you send two photographers to cover the same event, the results can really vary. This one’s Alisa’s.

Mine on the left, Alisa’s on the right.

I got the kiss from this angle…

Alisa from this one.









So, to recap:
PROS: More photos, more variety in your photos, and getting shots from different events at the same time.
CONS: Does increase your cost, and for some small weddings can feel like too much.



Ceremony: First Baptist Church, Washington, PA
Reception: Doubletree Meadowlands, Washington, PA
Caterer/Baker: Doubletree
Flowers: Malone’s Flower Shop, Canonsburg, PA
Dress: Sorelle Bridal, Washington, PA
DJ: Elite Signature DJs
Makeup/Hair: Sorelle Bridal, Washington, PA

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