I got into photography as a kid, after my dad picked up a Minolta 3000i. Maybe that's a little too far back. I got into photography, professionally, around 2007. Even though I've wanted to be a photographer since I found out that it was an option, I seem to have fallen into most of my work.

My cousin roped me into shooting her wedding, and I've shot dozens since then. I had friends in a band, so I shot concerts. When they gave up the glamorous life of unsigned punk musicians and developed a passion for hockey, I started shooting sports. And when I met some local photojournalists at a lecture, I discovered that working for newspapers meant that I could cover all sorts of amazing events (and the occasional dog parade, but hey, we pay our dues.)

Some people might say that makes me unfocused. I think that my focus is people. Shooting landscapes bores me to tears, but give me a subject - any subject - and I want to find an interesting way to photograph them. Meeting and working with people is the best thing about my job. Although the fact that in any given week I'm able to capture a couple pledging eternal love to one another, a kid crowdsurfing while his favorite band plays, and a group of rebel soldier reenactors makes for a close second.

If you're looking for credentials, you can check out my resume. I finished a BS in Graphic Design in 2005, and an MFA in Film and Digital Media in 2007. If you'd like to see where I've been published, I have tear sheets. I'm available for assignments, and am happy to travel. If there's anything else that you need to know, you can contact me by email, twitter, or phone.