This is probably the most excited I’ve ever been for a friend to have a baby. Nothing against my other friends and their fantastic babies (really, y’all have some great babies), but this little guy took a long road getting here. And he was chill as hell for his very first photo shoot. Everybody, meet Lazarus.

I generally do a lot of baby photos just in swaddles, or diapers, or in the buff. But I’m totally in love with this outfit. Polka dots, tiny converse sneakers, little baby suspenders. Someone told me that boys are less fun to dress, and they’re just wrong.

He has such good hair. Mama helped with the styling a bit.

One of my favorite shots to get during these portrait sessions is all the little details – tiny fingers and toes, little eyelashes. They’re itty bitty for such a short time, and it’s hard to remember them ever being so small.

“Oh hey, girl. You said whaaaaaat?!”

Bright eyed little man. I bring along a few things to sessions (some blankets and wraps, a few props) but it’s always great to work in your own things. Gifts from friends, family heirlooms, cute hats you bought that are only going to fit them for like three days. This pretty blanket was a gift.

A teeny crocheted mohawk hat AND it has skulls. I’m a fan, but the precious little baby yawn puts it over the top.

we want your skulls

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