We’ve never been Valentine’s Day people. At least, not in the over the top gifts, glamorous night out sort of way. For us, celebrating our love looks more like ordering a pizza and watching the Walking Dead premiere. Or, now that we have a toddler here at home, baking cookies and watching Paw Patrol. It’s lounging in our jammies and playing splish splash in the kitchen sink. It’s kind of messy and unglamorous and ordinary and wonderful.


This Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to celebrate your own messy, unglamorous, ordinary, wonderful love with an in-home story session.


You’ll receive a two hour story session (for you, or to gift) which can be claimed any time between now and May 31st. Story sessions celebrate your family as they are (and yes, a couple is totally a family.)

You’ll also receive a mounted, ready to hang 11″x14″ print, and five digital images. You’ll be able to purchase any images you love from an a la carte list of prints and products (which I can totally send along to you, just get in touch.)

If you book before February 11th, I’ll mail a pretty card to gift your person for Valentine’s Day.

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Story sessions gift cards can be used to book a family session, in-home newborn or fresh 48 session, or couples session. It can be in-home, or at a location of your choice. These sessions are documentary and unposed, intended to capture real life. Sessions are for immediate family only, and must be booked before February 14, 2018 to take advantage of this promotion.

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