I find myself having this conversation with potential clients a lot. And when a question comes up frequently, it usually gets turned into a blog post. So here’s the deal.

Yes, I shoot newborn portrait sessions. But – there’s a but – I want to make sure that we’re on the same page, as far as what we mean by that. The thing is, I don’t work with a ton of props. The big wooden ABC blocks, or the composited shots of baby propping her sweet little head up with some angel wings, or the lemonade stand, I don’t really do any of that. Some photographers keep those things on hand, and I just don’t. I use really minimal props, like small baskets, knitted baby wraps, and blankets. It’s not that I don’t think that sort of thing is crazy cute (the tiny newborns in metal washtubs? C’mon. It’s cute.) But it’s not what I do. If you’re looking for that sort of thing, I can refer you to some friends that will do a BEAUTIFUL job.


I shoot what most people would call “lifestyle” portraits. In school, we called them environmental portraits. Essentially, I photograph kids in the same way that I photograph adults. Light them well, get them in the general vicinity of a flattering pose with a nice background, and let them do what they do. Let them be, in their own space, in their own way. Natural. That’s what I’m after, even for babies. I want your baby to look like… well, your baby. The way you see them. Does this mean I won’t photograph your baby in all of those precious wraps and tiny hats that you got for them? Of course not, hats on babies are adorable. Dress them however you want to.



I’ve been wanting to offer newborn sessions in some official way for awhile, but I had reservations about it. I thought I wouldn’t know how to photograph tiny people, and since we don’t have a ton of babies in our family, I was honestly kind of nervous about handling other people’s precious little infants. Then I had one, and it turns out they’re a lot more durable than I’d thought. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not running around suplexing newborns, I’m just no longer terrified of scooching them around a little. I can snuggle a newborn like nobody’s business now. And it turns out that tiny people are still people, and man, do I ever love photographing people.



So if that’s the sort of photos you’re looking for of your little family, if you want to capture your new baby’s still-forming personality in a familiar space where they’re comfortable, then hell yeah. I do newborn sessions.

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newborn and maternity portrait guide

newborn and maternity guide

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