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Not just a family photographer, your family photographer. I’ve photographed several families from their engagement and wedding photos, through maternity, newborn, and family portraits. Family sessions can be actual, honest fun, and I want to capture your family the way that you see them. When you’re having a good time, your personality shines through in your photos. You’ll not only have great portraits, but you’ll have a great experience as well. From booking, to shooting your session, to hanging images you love in your home, my goal is to make everything hassle-free. Let’s have some fun.

We’re making relaxed portraits of the people you love, and clock watching is not relaxing. If your kids need a snack break, or you take a little longer than you expected getting into a groove, no worries. We have time.

some things to consider…

I want to make it easy for you to have beautiful photos of the people you love most.

Most family and kid sessions take 30-90 minutes, but I’m not timing you. We’re making relaxed portraits of the people you love, and clock watching is not relaxing. We have time for snack breaks, clothing changes, and quiet moments if that’s what your family needs.

Portrait sessions can be about more than just making photos, we can make memories, too. Consider some activities that your family loves, and incorporate them! We can capture your family having a picnic, climbing rocks, making pancakes, or whatever brings you all some joy. Let your kids be kids.

Sessions can either be done in-home or outdoors. In-home portraits are a great option for certain activities, if you want to document memories of your space as well as your people, or if you’d like to take a more “day in the life” documentary approach to your portraits.

Wildlings sessions are my signature kid session. Some of my very favorite photos of my son are taken when we’re out exploring. I find a relatively safe space for him out in nature, let him go, and then document whatever he gets into. Climbing over tree roots, inspecting rocks, giggling at bugs, leading the way. We have a ton of fun, and we get amazing photos from it. So I want to do that for your kids, and that’s what wildlings sessions are. If your kids love to be outside, and don’t love sitting still, these are a great way to capture them in their element.

I offer a few collections for any portrait session, that all include some digital files and some physical prints to bring home. If you want to create your own custom collection, though, I can help you to build one a la carte. I’ll work with you to make sure that you’re purchasing exactly the things you want, and nothing that you don’t.

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If you’d like to see full pricing, some tips to help plan your session, and more, head over to my pricing & FAQ page to view the family or wildlings e-zines.

i have more questions.

You can find information on my portrait collections, along with an FAQ on the pricing page, or you can direct your questions straight to me at info@mooreclick.com. I believe that getting beautiful photos made should be easy, laid back, fun experiences. So I’m happy to help.

how do i book?

book now
To get the process started, click the big ol’ button above, or email me at info@mooreclick.com. To be officially booked, I’ll need a signed contract and your deposit. If you want to make sure that I’m available first, you can see my calendar here.

signature sessions

My signature kid session is called wildlings. These sessions make my little photographer heart sing, and parents have been overwhelmingly thrilled with them. I won’t be posing your kids, telling them where to sit or what to do with their face. I’ll be following them around and documenting them doing their kid thing. We explore, we get messy, we have fun. Check out the wildlings e-zine for all the information on these.

i was looking for newborn info.

Everything you need to know about newborn and maternity sessions is right here. For pricing information and the e-zine with session tips, check out the portrait pricing page.

Kids & Family FAQ

When are you available for a session?
You can see my calendar for available dates.

What kind of sessions do you offer?
I offer portrait sessions for engagements, maternity, newborn, family, my signature wildling sessions for kids, milestones (smash cakes, birthday portraits, and the like), and anniversary portraits.

What does a la carte mean?
If you’re being extremely literal, it means “by the card.” But for your purposes, it means that you can build your very own collection, that only includes exactly what you want it to. No minimum investment, or surprise separate charges. A la carte pricing for every session that I offer is available in its corresponding e-zine, on the pricing page. If there’s something specific you’re looking for, I can find vendors for nearly anything. I’m always glad to work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.

What do you mean by “session fee”?
If you’re opting to just pay a session fee, and purchase prints or files individually, then the session fee only includes my actually coming to take your photos. I’ll upload your proofs to a site where you can view them, and if you love them (which I obviously hope you love them) you can purchase digital files with print rights, and/or physical prints. I’m happy to send you all of the pricing information, and I do not have a purchase minimum (although I *do* encourage you to get some real, physical prints, and I wrote a whole blog post about why,) so there won’t be any surprises.

If you’re opting for any of the collections in the e-zine, the session fee is included in the cost. You can also add prints or files from the a la carte menu to your collection.

What is a print credit?
I find that offering specific prints – say, 8 wallets, two 8x10s, and six 5x7s – is a hassle for folks. It’s never quite the right arrangement of sizes. Instead, I offer a print credit that you can put toward any of the products that I offer.

Can I get your full pricing information?
Of course you can! Check out the e-zine for the session you’d like pricing information about, on the pricing page. It’s all in there.

But I just need one photo, not a whole session.
That’s not a question, but I’m gonna answer it anyway. Because I generally do lifestyle portraiture (and not a more rigid studio set up), it takes almost as long to get one great shot as it does to get twenty. It’s a process. That said, I do sometimes offer mini-sessions. Since they’re all done in a central location, it’s a little more like a studio set up, and the sessions are shorter and more affordable. If you’d like to know when those are available, sign up for the newsletter.

What if I’m interested in weird portraits, like at a chocolate factory or on a mountaintop?
Good! I embrace weird, and if you’re going for the coveted “strangest photography request” slot, you’ve got a pretty high bar to aim for. Let’s get weird.

What if I’m totally not photogenic?
Take a look through my blog. Now consider that nine out of ten of those people told me that they aren’t photogenic, are nervous in front of a camera, and take terrible photos. None of these folks are models, they’re just regular people. It’s my job to make you look great, and it’s my job to make you feel comfortable while we’re shooting, and you look fabulous.

Do you travel?
I love traveling, but it can be prohibitively expensive for portraits. If you’re interested, I’m more than happy to get you a quote. If you’re in my usual coverage area (which is anywhere between Pittsburgh and Morgantown) you won’t have to worry about it.

Do you work with LGBT or non-traditional families?
I sure do. My goal is to make everyone I work with feel comfortable and respected.

Where do we start?
The first contact that I have with people is usually through email, although you’re welcome to call or text. Then if you think we’re a good fit, we can talk about what you want out of your photographer, and go over your plans for your session. If you’d like to see when I’m available, you can see .

When will I get to see my photos?
Your photos will be processed two to three weeks after your session. I upload the finished images to an online proofing site so that you can view them right away, and you can also download your files through them. Select photos are also added to the blog and Facebook page. If you’re on Facebook, feel free to tag yourselves and your friends. If you’re more of an instagram person, I add a few photos to my instagram feed as well. If you’ve ordered an album, you’ll have proofs two to three weeks after your photos are finished. You can make changes to the album if you’d like (swapping/adding/deleting photos), and choose an album cover. The album is usually in your hands two or three weeks after the order is made.

What’s a digital gallery?
I upload all of the finished images, and you’ll receive an email when your photos are available. You’ll be able to view and download all of your photos online, and can send the link to friends and family to view as well, and you are also able to order prints and other products through that service.

Can I print photos from the digital files?
If you’ve purchased a digital negative for that image, then Yes. Yes, you can.


I’d still like more information.
Have you checked out the e-zines on the pricing page? There’s tons of great info in there, but if that still doesn’t answer your question, feel free to get in touch.

I’m sold, let’s do this.
To get the booking process started, just see “how do I book?” above, and I’ll set you up with all the information that you need.

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kid and family photographer • pittsburgh, brownsville, uniontown



I really love so many of them. THANK YOU!!!

Wildlings with Lazarus at Cedar Creek park - nature inspired portrait sessions for kids



Caroline is the best photographer you can find! She is so easy going and because of that you’ll get the best pictures ever! She’s my sons personal photographer, he will never have anyone else.

let’s do this

I’m all for making this process as easy as possible, so get in touch with any questions you have. There’s also even more information (yes, including full pricing info) on my portrait pricing page. Whether you have some questions or are ready to book right now, you can email, call/text, or fill out the form below to get in touch. You can also use the link below to schedule a session or meeting. Easy peasy.