Caroline Moore Wedding and Elopement Photographer at Coopers Rock West Virginia

what i do

I photograph love and family. I’m primarily a wedding photographer, and my specialty is in small weddings and elopements (I especially dig alternative locations with character). I’m also a newborn photographer, and I love working with kids. I feel like these specialties work together, because family is such an important part of weddings. The ceremony is about a lot of things, but at the heart of it, two people are becoming family. Plus, it means I get to see clients again and again as their family grows. I take a documentary approach to telling stories – about your wedding day, the new baby you’ve just brought home, or who your family is right now. I strive for natural and honest portraits, candids that are joyful, moments that are thoughtful, and details that make you feel something.


why i do it

Portraits should reflect more than just how you look. We’re not shooting passport photos here. I want you to look through your album and feel like you’re reliving all of it, to see portraits on your wall and smile. I believe that weddings are an opportunity to enjoy the company of family and friends, that you can opt out of the stress of perfect and embrace planning a day that reflects what you love and value. Having a record of what your family is really like, right now, is better than an idealized, posed to perfection version of them.


what i believe

I believe in the power of slowing down. In spontaneous, imperfect moments over slick editorial perfection. That a little distortion makes a record better. That getting beautiful photos of the people you love shouldn’t be a hassle. It can, I swear, be a fun experience. I believe that family is what you make it, and that anything can be an adventure if you look at it in the right light.

Caroline Moore Wedding and Elopement Photographer at Coopers Rock West Virginia

why i love prints

I’m increasingly into analog things. All of my photo collections do include some digital files, because I understand how we live now. But each of them also includes some physical, tangible prints. Reminders of the people you love should live on your walls, your desks, your bookcases, and not just somewhere in a folder on a hard drive. Your family will value those pieces long after we’ve all forgotten what DVDs were for.


some qualifications

I’ve been a professional wedding photographer since 2007. I started doing newborn photography in 2015. I know it seems like literally everyone is a photographer these days, and it feels impossible to find someone that you can trust to capture memories that you can’t recreate. I’m a registered, insured, tax paying business with the state of Pennsylvania. I have backup gear for my backup gear, and I take the work that I do incredibly seriously. You can read some testimonials from happy clients who recommend me. For those of you entrusting me with the safety of your tiny newborns, I am extremely vaccinated, have taken infant safety courses including CPR, and have worked with all sorts of kids, from ten pound newborns to NICU babies. I have an MFA in Film from Chatham University, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.


what next?

I’d love to meet with you and talk about what you’re looking for in your wedding or portrait photographer (you can even schedule a consultation online, so it’s super easy). You can also sign up for the monthly roundup, and get exclusive deals, promotions, and photo tips sent right to your inbox. I’m happy to answer any questions you have, to help you plan your day, and to do what I can to make sure I’m the right fit for you.


a little about me

I’m a little bit country, and a little bit punk rock. Like the Johnny Cash of wedding photographers. I spend most of my summer barefoot. I was raised in the boonies, so I say things like “folks” and “critters.” I love campfires, and flannel, and despite a really rough bout with Lyme disease, I still love being outside. I am decidedly unfussy. I love to travel, and I’m especially excited about spontaneous adventures.

When I do bother wearing shoes, they’re usually my old checkered Vans. I’m also into big headphones, East Bay punk rock, and wearing too much eyeliner. I’ve seen a lot of shows in basements, and have described my style as the Portlandia “put a bird on it” sketch, but with skulls. I wrote a book called Punk Rock Entrepreneur, all about the way I started and continue to run my business as a wedding photographer. I cannot stop changing my hair color.

Hockey is the only sport I care about (go Pens!), and I play the fiddle for the Washington Symphony Orchestra. I’m a fan of geeks and nerds of all stripes, but I’m personally into Firefly, WoW, and Renaissance festivals. I’ve been married since 2007, to a dude I met in high school. He’s the Calvin to my Hobbes. I also live with my tiny son (Johnny, we call him Bird) and our dog, Pete. I get really, really mushy about mom stuff. I love kids. I’m less mushy about the dog, but it’s mostly because he keeps eating tupperware from the counter and all of my kid’s snacks.


where i’m from

I live in Brownsville, PA. Have camera, will travel. I’m open to photographing all over the world, but most of my work is in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. I’m always looking for interesting ways to photograph people, and interesting people to photograph. If you have questions about getting me to wherever you are, there’s more information on my pricing pages (see “how much” in the main navigation bar.) I also use social media like instagram, twitter, facebook, and the blog as a way for you to get to know me better.

Caroline Moore Wedding and Elopement Photographer, Cedar Creek Trail, Belle Vernon PA
Bird with Pete
Caroline Moore Wedding and Elopement PhotographerMy favorite checkered Vans
Caroline Moore Newborn and Maternity Photographer

Caroline Moore at Pancake Skate n' Whirl

Bird in a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey
Caroline Moore Wedding and Elopement Photographer in a Pinhead Gunpowder shirt
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