There aren’t a ton of things that will get me out in the cold, but “let’s do some portraits in front of a waterfall” surely makes the list. Also, I’ve gotten to hang out and do a lot of photos for these two. I worked with them on their engagement photos, their wedding, Curt’s mom’s wedding, their maternity photos, and we’re going to do a family session once the new baby is here. I’m always really excited to work with repeat clients, I get a little Sally Fields about it.

Emily’s a much tougher pregnant momma than I was, so she hiked down to Cucumber Falls, in the cold, and still managed to look hella pretty. Seriously, I didn’t even want to hike to my kitchen when I was pregnant.


We might have gotten a little goofy. It’s sort of a recurring theme with these two.
sproul_12Yeah, just smoosh his face. Smoosh it like you love it.

sproul_22Cucumber Falls is one of my favorite spots at Ohiopyle, but this is the first time I’ve done any portraits there. Which is bonkers, because you can even go behind the waterfall here. And, as many times as we’ve been there to hike around, I never even noticed the bridge that we ended up doing some of their portraits on. Definitely gonna have to do some more scouting there this summer.




Ollie’s also made an appearance in all of their portrait sessions. He’s a good pup, 12/10 would pet.

He got a little chilly, though.
sproul_44The things you do for your furbabies.

sproul_48This poncho was Emily’s mom’s, and while they are definitely not the same height, I think she totally pulled it off.


sproul_68Ollie is obviously Chewy here. We put him third in the lineup, since he was here before little Kylo.


we want your skulls

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