wedding photographer in pittsburgh

i’m a wedding photographer in pittsburgh, pa. you would love working with me if…

You want a relaxed, laid-back wedding day, where you get to have fun.

You totally don’t care about what a wedding is supposed to be, and are just gonna get married however you want to.

You’d rather capture spontaneous, honest, imperfect moments than fashion magazine style.

You’re up for a little adventure, and maybe a little exploring weird spaces for portraits.

You’re excited to share your day with the people you love most (and, for some of you, with the dogs you love most.) A family can be whatever you make it.

You want your photos to not just reflect how you looked, but how your day felt. To tell the whole story.

This is probably like, the fifth photographer’s website you’ve looked at, right? And they’re full of quotes about passion and storytelling and capturing moments. I’m ALL about that stuff, truly. But I’m also all about bringing an experience that doesn’t add stress to your life. All the joy with none of the hassle.

wedding photographer in pittsburgh

My specialty

I’ve photographed weddings, elopements, and engagements for all kinds of people, but it’s the smaller affairs that make my little wedding photographer heart sing. I’m best at heartfelt, personal ceremonies and wild celebrations with your favorite people.
I love the great outdoors (give me campgrounds and mountains), and I’m super at home figuring out oddball locations (I’ve shot weddings in restaurants and renovated bank vaults). I’m a wedding photographer in Pittsburgh, but I also spend a lot of time in Ohio and West Virginia. I’m happy to travel.
However, you don’t have to be getting hitched in some epic location for me to be your wedding photographer. Anything can be an adventure, if you look at it in the right light.

Wedding photography style

I want you to look through your album and feel like you’re reliving all of it, to see portraits on your wall and smile. I want you to have the best day, to opt out of the stress of perfect and embrace planning a day that reflects what you love and value. I want you to have some damn fun.
There are lots of wedding photography styles, and lots of different terms to weed through to find what you like. I take a documentary approach to most of your day, giving you enough direction to help you look your absolute best, but still feel like yourselves. You might also see folks calling this photojournalistic, or candid. My editing is inspired by a rich film look, and I love classic black and whites. Moody tones with happy vibes.
wedding photographer in pittsburgh
wedding photographer in pittsburgh

Wedding photographer in Pittsburgh

Planning a wedding can be super stressful, and with the wrong team, the wedding itself can be super stressful, too. From your first inquiry to the delivery of your photos, I’m striving for laid-back, relaxed, and easy. How do I do that?

Before the wedding, we’ll hang out and get to know each other. I’ll come to you, or we can talk on the phone. I’m not into doing the hard sell, so we’ll chat about you and your person, what you’re looking for in a photographer, I’ll show you some albums, and we’ll figure out if we’re a good fit for each other.

Online contract, invoicing, all of it gets sent right to your email, easy peasy. Payments plans are available.

I help with putting together a photographer approved timeline, planning and Pittsburgh vendor recommendations, and brainstorming fun wedding photo locations. By the time your wedding day is here, we won’t feel like strangers.

Your photos are delivered in an online gallery. You can also share the link with your family and friends, so they can order whatever they want without hassling you.

Pre-designed albums. Choosing every photo that goes into an album is totally overwhelming to most people, so this gives you a place to start. Make a few changes, choose your cover, and you’re done.

Schedule a meeting

wedding photographer in pittsburgh

Print your photos

I’m increasingly into analog things. You’ll totally get your digital files, because I understand how we live now. But you’ll also get some physical, tangible prints. No matter what you book, you’ll get a complimentary print with your wedding coverage.
Reminders of the people you love should live on your walls, your desks, your bookcases, and not just somewhere in a folder on a hard drive. Your family will value those pieces long after we’ve all forgotten what DVDs were for.

How much is this gonna cost me?

I hate when places don’t list their prices on their sites. I know cost isn’t the primary factor for me when I’m making decisions, but it’s still information that I want to know, and having to call to get it is not stress-free.

I don’t really do packages or collections anymore, because everyone wants to swap things out, and it’s easier to do a custom quote.

So if you want to go through and build the exact collection you want, head over to my choose your own adventure pricing, and it’ll walk you through the entire process. If you just want a ballpark idea, here are some suggestions.

Small affair

Six hours coverage
Fifty 4×6 prints in a mahogany box
Photo book



Adventure mode

Six hours coverage
11×14 print in a reclaimed barnwood frame
Six inch heirloom album
Adventure engagement session
Environmentally friendly wedding discount


Blowout party

Ten hours coverage
Two photographers
Lagniappe canvas
Ten inch heirloom album
Engagement session


Who are you?

I’ve been a professional wedding photographer in Pittsburgh since 2007. I know it seems like literally everyone is a photographer these days, and it feels impossible to find someone that you can trust to capture memories that you can’t recreate.
I’m a registered, insured, tax paying business with the state of Pennsylvania. I have backup gear for my backup gear, and I take the work that I do incredibly seriously.
You can read some testimonials from happy clients who recommend me below, or read more about me. If you still have questions, check out the FAQ or just get in touch below.

Wedding FAQ

Are you available?
You can see my calendar for available dates.

What kind of wedding coverage do you offer?
I photograph weddings of all sorts, in Pittsburgh and all over the US, and offer portrait sessions for engagements and anniversaries. I offer coverage for as little as two hours, up to as much as twelve hours. I travel basically everywhere except Canada, because they have SUPER strict laws and won’t let me shoot there (not like, me specifically, just non-Canadians in general.)

Can I get your full pricing information?
Yep. I no longer offer collections or packages, because all of my couples ended up wanting to do something custom. So I’ve made that way easier to do! Just scroll through the pricing page, and build exactly the collection you want. No minimum investment, or surprise separate charges.

What if I’m having a weird wedding?
Good! I embrace weird, and if you’re going for the coveted “strangest photography request” slot, you’ve got a pretty high bar to aim for. Weirdos, geeks, and punk kids are my people.

Okay so when you say elopement…
The wedding industry’s been playing fast and loose with this term. Small, intimate, elopement, microwedding, anything with around 60 guests or less tends to fall into this category. I don’t have separate pricing for these, but I do offer coverage for as little as two hours.

What’s an adventure wedding?
It’s really just what it sounds like. If you love the outdoors, and love adventure, there are tons of ways to incorporate that into your wedding. Some folks want to get married on a mountaintop, in a riverbed, or deep in the woods, and I’m happy to be right there with them to document everything. If you want an adventure wedding photographer, I’m super comfortable hiking off into the wilderness with you.

What if I’m totally not photogenic?
Take a look through my blog. Now consider that nine out of ten of those people told me that they aren’t photogenic, are nervous in front of a camera, and take terrible photos. None of these folks are models, they’re just regular people getting married. It’s my job to make you look great, and it’s my job to make you feel comfortable while we’re shooting, and you look fabulous.

Do you travel?
I love traveling, and I’m happy to shoot your wedding, wherever it may be. Pricing can vary, and I’m happy to get you a quote on that. If you’re looking for a photographer in my usual wedding coverage area (which is anywhere between Pittsburgh and Morgantown, or the eastern side of Ohio) you won’t have to worry about it.

Do you do LGBT weddings?
I sure do. My goal is to make everyone I work with feel comfortable and respected.

Where do we start?
The first contact that I have with people is usually through email (info@mooreclick.com), although you’re welcome to call or text (724.880.0519). Then if you think we’re a good fit, we can meet up to talk about what you want out of your photographer, and go over your plans for the day. I genuinely love hearing about people’s wedding plans, so yes, I totally do want to hear about your idea for a pie bar. We can do this in person, or via phone/email/Skype. If you’d like to see if your date is available, you can see my calendar. If I’m not available for your date, and you’d like a recommendation for another photographer, feel free to email me at info@mooreclick.com. I have a lot of really talented friends.

When will I get to see my photos?
Your photos will be processed four to six weeks after the wedding. I upload the finished images to a digital gallery so that you can view them right away, and you can also download your files through them. Select photos are also added to the blog and the Facebook page. If you’re on Facebook, feel free to tag yourselves and your friends. If you’re more of an instagram person, I add a few photos to my instagram feed as well. If you’ve ordered an album, you’ll have proofs two to three weeks after your photos are finished. You can make changes to the album if you’d like (swapping/adding/deleting photos), and choose an album cover. The album is usually in your hands two or three weeks after the order is made.

What’s a digital gallery?
I upload all of the finished images, and you’ll receive an email when your photos are available. You’ll be able to view and download all of your photos online, and can send the link to friends and family to view as well, and you are also able to order prints and other products through that service.

SEO requires me to tell you one more time that I’m a wedding photographer in Pittsburgh.

wedding photographer in pittsburgh

let’s do this

I’m all for making this process as easy as possible, so get in touch with any questions you have. There’s also even more information in my wedding guide, and full pricing information on this site.

I want you to feel at ease on your wedding day, and like you can be yourselves around me. So I want to get to know who you are! I’m happy to meet with you in person or via Skype to hear all about your plans, discuss your expectations, and see if we’re a good fit for each other. If you’d like to get the process started, just email, call/text, or fill out the form below. You can also use the link below to schedule a meeting with me. Easy peasy.

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happy customers



It's so rad that our wedding photographer also
shot like, Black Flag.



Her photography style is exactly what I was looking for. Candid, natural, yet beautiful and classic. An absolute delight to work with! I can't recommend her enough.

Laid back Pittsburgh wedding, with a Memphis touch.

John & Beth


Caroline captured every moment of our wedding perfectly. So much fun to relive it all through her photos.



Caroline was our wedding photographer, and did a beautiful job! She was relaxed and easy to work with on the day, and our pictures came out beautifully.