I’m not much of a gear head. When I’m looking at buying new gear, I do a ton of research, and compare different specs, to make sure it’s going to do what I need it to. And then that information disappears from my brain forever. So no, I really don’t remember how many megapixels my camera is, outside of “enough.” Still, sometimes folks ask about what I use to do what I do, and I thought I’d do a rundown for you here.

what kind of camera gear do you use to shoot weddings

Kelly Moore Two Sues – This is my shoot from bag. I’ll pack just the things I need for a shoot (or part of a wedding day, I generally use different lenses for the ceremony than I do for portraits later). I actually have a whole separate post about why I like this one so much.

Thinktank International – This is my everything bag. If it’s not in the shoot from bag, it goes in here, so this thing has to carry all of my backups, and gear that I don’t ALWAYS need, but I sometimes need. Also snacks. It’s small enough to adhere to carry on standards, even for international flights, and it rolls really easily. Big fan.

Dsptch Camera Strap – It’s comfortable and I can cross-body it, but I got fake blood all over it shooting a GWAR show, so it needs to be replaced.

Nikon D610 – This is my main camera. It’s full frame, I like where the buttons are, I’m super used to Nikons at this point. It came with a battery grip, but I’d rather carry extra batteries because I don’t like the ergonomics of a grip. Some people love them so, YMMV.

Nikon 300s – My backup camera, which is out of production now. Whenever I retire a camera from primary use, it gets to be the backup camera. In the past, I’ve just sold the old backup, but I’ve recently found the Cameras for Kids Foundation, so that’s where they’ll be going from now on.

Fujifilm x100s – I almost never use this for work, but I sometimes throw it in my bag anyway because it’s so small and easy to take along, just in case both of my work cameras inexplicably catch fire. It’s a fantastic camera for personal photos and travel, and it makes me want to check out their pro level cameras.

Nikon 24-70mm 2.8G – This is my workhorse lens, I end up using it for most of a wedding ceremony. As much as I adore primes, you can’t always ‘zoom with your feet’ in a ceremony situation, and I’m often having to shoot things at different focal lengths in quick succession. The downside, a few stops of light as compared to primes, and it is heavy.

Nikon 80-200mm 2.8D – Speaking of heavy, this one is HEAVY. Sometimes I have to shoot ceremonies from choir lofts and the like, or I just want to get serious close-ups. This one doesn’t come out a lot, but when ya need it, ya need it.

Nikon 18-55mm 3.5-5.6G – My last zoom, and my only variable aperture lens. I only ever use it at 18mm when I want a fisheye effect.

Nikon 35mm 1.8G – This one lives on my backup camera, because it’s a crop lens (and my backup is a crop body. They get along great.)

Nikon 50mm 1.8D – If I had to pick a lens to glue to my camera forever, it’d be between this one and the 85. I use them both A TON.

Nikon 85mm 1.8G – My other super favorite prime, especially for portraits. I’ve shot entire portrait sessions with just this lens.

Flashes – I have one SB-900 and two SB-800s. I prefer the 900, setting up remote modes is easier on it.

Cactus Triggers – I’m still working these into my setup, but they let me do off camera flash without having to rely on the IR system (because that can also be triggered by, say, a friend’s flash on their phone.)

Gary Fong – Ah, the fancy photographer tupperware. Sometimes I end up having to run and gun a bit when plans change, this is handy in situations where I haven’t set up an off camera flash, and also can’t bounce a flash anywhere (like outside).

Bounce disc – More for portraits than weddings, I can use this to kick a little more light onto a subject. Also they’re extremely fun to pop out and fold up.

Light stands – The air-cushioned ones are worth the extra money. No more pinchy fingers.

Big ol’ umbrella – I use this for family photos after the ceremony. Big ol’ soft light source to make everybody look good.

Extreme Pro Memory Cards – These are fast, and that’s my main concern with memory cards (outside of getting a reputable brand that’s not gonna crap out on me). The biggest size I use is 32gb, because I don’t like to keep all my eggs in one basket, even though I can shoot dual on my camera (which means an immediate backup gets written to the second card.)

Thinktank Pixel Pocket Rocket – I like the little leash on this memory card holder, because if I put it in a pocket, I can also attach it to a belt loop. Pockets in women’s pants are nearly useless, and I can’t trust them to actually hold anything.

So that’s most of it! The rest of my bag is filled with extra batteries, and charger cables, and seriously I do keep snacks in there. If you have any gear questions, get in touch!

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