I love bags. Which is weird, because for basically all of my teen years (and, fine, WAY into my officially an adult years) I was adamantly against carrying a purse around. But now I have a toddler and they need a million things, and fine I bought an actual, real, well-made hand bag.

Despite my war on fashion, I’ve always been deeply in love with gear bags. Finding a camera bag feels like a life-long quest, and I’ve built a few Frankenbags in my day, because finding one that has just the right pockets and spaces is so hard. But recently, I got myself a shoot-from bag (which is a whole different beast from the hauling-everything bag) that I really like.

For bonus points, they’re the same bag. Meet my Kelly Moore Two Sues.

kelly moore two sues bag

I got a fancy purse. I got a shoot-from bag. I got a combination fancy purse and shoot-from bag. If I actually showed you everything that I kept in here day to day, it would look like an even bigger mess. But here’s my core stuff that I carry around in this rad thing.

Day to day

• SO much baby stuff. Diapers, wipes, sippie cups, snacks, binkies, all of it fits.
• My most favoritest wallet ever, from Etsy.
This lipstick that I bought in basically every color.
• Trains. I never leave the house without these tiny magnetic trains anymore, Bird is nuts about them.
• The whole back panel is a space for cards, so I can fit all my biz cards, credit cards, etc.
• My walkaround camera.
• Headbands and snacks for me and seriously this thing has so many pockets YOU GUYS THE POCKETS.

For a shoot

• First off, I put the divider back in (because yeah, you can just take the whole thing out).
• Oh, and I pop on the messenger style strap (because yeah it also has two different straps).
• Since I was using my primary camera to take pictures, this is actually my backup. I usually have the Nikon D610 in there.
• A few lenses. Usually I’ll have one on the camera, and then two more in the bag.
Flash, with extra batteries.
Card wallet, filled with SD cards. I love this one, because it has a little leash I can use to make sure it doesn’t ever fall OUT of a pocket.
• Cheap Target sunglasses, band-aids, and other things I might need while I’m running around.
• Cell phone, on vibrate, obvs.

So while my chiropractor is probably not thrilled that I’m carrying all of my gear over my shoulder, I’m super happy with this bag. It has enough small pockets to organize everything that I need all day, and the dividers keep all of my gear padded. When it’s time to swap it back out to an everyday bag, it’s super quick. Bird still thinks it could use more trains.

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