Some of my very favorite photos of my son are taken when we’re out exploring. I find a relatively safe space for him out in nature, let him go, and then document whatever he gets into. Climbing over tree roots, inspecting rocks, giggling at bugs, leading the way. We have a ton of fun, and we get amazing photos from it. So I want to do that for your kids, and that’s what wildlings are.

Wildlings are a little bit different than my usual family sessions. First and foremost, they focus on the kids. Grown-ups can totally still be in some of the photos, the session just isn’t about you. I won’t be posing your kids, telling them where to sit or what to do with their face. I’ll be following them around and documenting them while they go exploring.

wildlings - nature inspired adventure sessions for kids

wildlings - nature inspired adventure sessions for kids
And while most of my family sessions tend to be outside, wildlings are 100% entirely done out in nature. It ensures that no matter where your kids wander, we’ll have a beautiful background for their photos. Plus, I’ve noticed that most kids are infinity happier when they’re running around outside. Happy kids make for great photos.

This also makes for a low-pressure day for parents. You don’t have to worry about how you’ll ever get your kid to sit still for portraits. They’ll get to mostly do whatever they feel like, as long as they’re staying safe, so the threat of tantrums is much lower. They might get messy, but wildlings embrace messy. If they want to eat goldfish crackers mid-session, I’m all for it. It’s designed to be a very low stress environment where kids’ personalities can shine.

If you keep up with me on facebook, twitter, or instagram, you might have noticed some talk about a new session type I’m going to be offering. Well, they’re here, and you can check out the session guide or book your very own wildlings session today. Let’s have an adventure.

wildlings - nature inspired adventure sessions for kids

wildlings - nature inspired adventure session for kids

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